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Multi-disciplinary team
Our team consists of highly-skilled and experienced professionals specializing in aquaculture engineering, project management and IT
We have been the driving force behind all major projects in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East
Sustainable development
We are committed to helping you maximize your return on investment, improve your profitability in the short term and maintain improved efficiency in the long term

What we do

Fish harvested from aquaculture make up 46% of the world’s seafood supply (FAO 2010).

In the coming years, aquaculture will be the only way to fulfil mankind’s needs for animal proteins, due to the increasing human population, combined with stagnation of yields from capture fisheries.

We share our expertise in the fish farming area and help you improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

We create value for our customers by offering a wide range of integrated and complementary services, covering all aspects of the aquaculture business, from feasibility study to project implementation, farm management and technology transfer.

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About Aquaculture

Aquaculture, is the best solution to dwindling food supplies.

It is the fastest-growing animal protein sector in the world, the only way to meet the increasing demand for fish food.

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